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Hosted telephony systems give your business all the benefits of a centralised, sophisticated phone system with better security and without the necessity of purchasing on-premise equipment.



Reliable and proven, and with several cost-effective pricing options to suit the needs of your business.

Cloud or hosted telephony provides businesses with all the features of a sophisticated phone system, just without the added necessity of purchasing on premise equipment.

A cloud telephony business phone system enables your business to leverage the extensive range of fixed and mobile capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Through an intuitive interface, you’re able to easily manage and configure the features of the system in accordance with your organisation’s changing requirements. All without the need to burden your IT department.

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Your employees will be able to manage calls easily and effectively, maximising their productivity, and in turn improve the customer experience. Our solution is ideal for any sized business, offering even more outstanding results to organisations with multiple large sites working together.

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Suitable for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and brand reputation through increased capability, while also reducing costs, our Cloud/Hosted Telephony Solutions are the perfect option. Reliable and proven, and with several cost-effective pricing options to suit the needs of your business, our solution is the solution you need.

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Consistent Customer Experience

So how do you provide that seamless, consistent customer experience?

How do you give the employees of your small or mid-size business the tools to make sure that they can deliver a wow customer experience?

You need a communication platform that offers true system redundancy, one that’s always ready for you to access even if something breaks down. You need an engagement system that’s customisable and scalable, so you can ramp up traffic or update information right away across every one of your company’s touchpoints. Many companies in the recruitment industry for example work on seasonal demand so are ideal for a scalable system.

Cloud telephony solutions promote team engagement and customer engagement seamlessly across any barriers – including moving or expanding your business to new offices.

Adaptable call routes to hunt groups based on different criteria creates a consistently high standard of customer experience and ensures your customer can get the right answers the first time they call.

Cloud telephony solutions allow customers to reach the right agent the first time. And there’s the flexibility — if your business is growing or if it fluctuates in size due to seasonal demand, using the cloud allows you to adjust to demands instantly. This makes hosted telephony ideal for small and medium business phone systems.

Telco cloud ensures your business is a master of customer experience management.


Regulatory Compliance

But one urgent reason to consider your cloud solutions is to ensure compliance for the upcoming regulations MIFID II in January 2018 and GDPR in May 2018.

Compliance with MiFID II means upgrading the range of record keeping software you have in order to manage all cloud business communications. Our telephony cloud solutions can integrate with call recording, storage inclusive options, PCI compliance services, SIP trunking and cloud telephony for a holistic solution to meet MIFID II requirements. We can provide a single secure portal and cloud security.

The advantages of having your company’s entire communication system in a cloud telephone system are virtually limitless.

Other resources include automatic software updates, increased security, and disaster recovery, so that your business communication system is always safe.

No storm will wipe out your marketing campaign, no flood will erase your customer lists.

Cloud telephony services also address a chief concern on how to get the most out of your legacy investments while future proofing your business.

Cloud is helping businesses of all sizes to reduce capital expenditure, improve reliability and efficiency, and reduce the risks of data loss. If your business is not yet ready to move your telephony in the cloud, hybrid cloud solutions help your business experience the benefits.

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