IT Services & Support

We deliver a range of IT services in our wide portfolio, with comprehensive support options



IT Services & Support sits alongside Telephony in our unified service offering

Alongside our renowned Telephony solutions, we can partner with businesses for all their IT needs.

Our solutions range from desktop support to full server virtualisation.

It’s an extensive suite of services and products, so to make it a little easier, our services are broken down into four distinct sections.


Covering our traditional IT support, hardware & infrastructure offerings


Fresh thinking from our experts, with no jargon from our trained advisers


Latest tech and updates, with flexibility to scale up and down

Live Monitoring

Real time monitoring and updates to ensure you have full visibility of your service statuses

IT Check

Get started with our free IT health check

We’ll complete an in-depth audit of your IT infrastructure, covering:

  • Network design
  • System and hardware performance
  • Server setup
  • Data storage
  • Backup routine
  • Security (including anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam setup)

Following this audit we’ll formulate a report detailing our findings, which will help you to understand if your current system is allowing you to meet your business objectives, all at no cost to you whatsoever.